Expo Sept. 21 & 22 Fri. & Sat.
Sept. 22 Sat. Night
Cow Palace, San Francisco
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Press credentials for XO Ball & Expo are available exclusively for working members of the media who will report on XO Ball & Expo. This includes journalists, photographers, reporters, producers, and camera crews. Employees of media outlets who do not work in an editorial capacity, such as advertising, marketing, sales representatives and industry analysts are not eligible.

Pre-registration for qualified individuals is recommended. Onsite press registration may be time-prohibitive. Persons wishing to register onsite should bring photo ID, official press credentials and a business card representing an official media outlet.

Please note, depending on your category, you will be asked to provide a link to one of the following:

  • Print News Media: A recently published issue of the publication with all intended registrants listed in the masthead or in an article byline. The publication must have a verified circulation greater than 1,000.
  • Television News Media: A recently aired program with an on-screen credit.
  • Web Publications: An established website with current and regularly updated industry-related news. The site must have confirmed traffic above 25,000 unique views per month.
  • Radio: A recently aired program with an on-air credit.
  • Freelancers and Video Production Companies: A recently published/aired byline, along with an assignment letter from your editor.

Issuance of XO Ball & Expo press credentials is at the discretion of show management. As such, XO Ball & Expo reserves the right to modify this policy without public notice and to revoke accreditation at any time and for any reason.

If you meet the qualifications above, fill out the form below to register. Any questions, please email us, megaproductions@verizon.net

Registration Form:

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